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Friday, August 18, 2017
EIPS Courses

The first of the five prescribed books (Hammond: The One Hundred Texts) is now available as a CD-ROM and will be mailed in the near future to all students who have already enrolled in our course and paid the fee. Information on how to proceed will be included. We apologise for the delay. Additional enrolments can now be accepted by writing directly to the EIPS in Belfast, enclosing a cheque in the amount of US$25.00 or UK£15.00, crossed and made payable to "The European Institute of Protestant Studies". Envelopes should be clearly marked "EIPS Courses". A CD-ROM of the second text (Houghton: Sketches from Church History) is now in preparation: an announcement will be made as soon as it is completed.

The European Institute of Protestant Studies will shortly be offering a series of courses leading to the award of its Diploma in Biblical Studies. These are distance-learning courses and will be available through the Internet only; they cannot be taken by written correspondence or by attendance at the Institute.

The lectures/lessons will be posted in audio (not written) form in a new section to be included on the EIPS Internet site (www.ianpaisley.org), enabling students to listen to them on the site or to download them for listening to offline at their leisure. Assessment will be exclusively in written form through the web browser (see below).

Successful completion of five courses will be required for the award of the Diploma. The first three courses will be offered beginning in 1999 and the remaining two at a date to be announced.


The first three courses will be:

  1. The Biblical Refutation of Romanism. This course is based on T.C. Hammond: The One Hundred Texts (London, 1966). Each lesson will be based on one of the hundred texts studied in the book.
  2. A Bird's-Eye View of Church History. This course is based on S.M. Houghton: Sketches from Church History. An Illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power (Edinburgh, 1980). Each lesson will be based on one chapter of the book.
  3. The Battle of the Reformation. This course is based on T.M. Lindsay: The Reformation (Edinburgh, 1887) Each lesson will be based on one chapter of the book.
  4. The books on which the remaining two courses will be based will be announced at a later date. These courses will be:

  5. Popery Today
  6. Ecumenism

The three initial courses will be run concurrently, one lesson from each being posted as far as possible on a regular three-weekly basis, i.e. following the pattern:

Week 1 - lesson 1 of The Biblical Refutation of Romanism
Week 2 - lesson 1 of A Bird's-Eye View of Church History
Week 3 - lesson 1 of The Battle of the Reformation

Week 4 - lesson 2 of The Biblical Refutation of Romanism
Week 5 - lesson 2 of A Bird's-Eye View of Church History
Week 6 - lesson 2 of The Battle of the Reformation


This scheme will enable students to study three courses at a time and allow three weeks to prepare the answers to the questions asked on each lesson of each course.


In anticipation of a heavy demand for this facility and constraints on the availability of personnel, the EIPS has designed a system of automatic marking of answers through the web browser. This system will limit the type of questions asked to those requiring (a) multiple-choice answers or (b) simple 'yes'/'no' answers. It will also enable students who get behind with the submission of their answers to catch up at any time, since they will have a personal web access number to the courses. Their records will be automatically updated by our Internet site computer.


The enrolment fee for each course is £15 or US$25. Cheques should be made out to "The European Institute of Protestant Studies", endorsed "Account Payee only" and mailed to the Institute's address in an envelope clearly marked "Courses" on the outside.

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