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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Viewed 3,400+ times | Tuesday, April 07, 2009

RC reform movement grumbles about the Pope
The large, liberal, international, Roman Catholic reform movement We are Church continues to criticise the Pope while denying that that is what it is doing.

We are Church says, “Pope Benedict has once again expressed his desire for reconciliation very clearly. We hope this desire will lead to the practice of mercy towards other members of the Catholic Church. If the Pope is so worried about the four bishops and 491 priests of the [extreme conservative] ‘Society of St. Pius X’ [whose excommunication he has lifted] we ask whether he is also worried about the over one hundred thousand priests who were forced to leave their office during the last 30 years because of the law of celibacy, a law which the Pope could revise at any time.

“We ask also if the Pope is concerned about his collegiality with bishops, about the disciplining of theologians, about the deprived laity, about the remarried divorcees, about women who do not have access to ordination, about married couples burdened by the rigid rules of ‘Humanae vitae’, about homosexual men and women, and finally about HIV-victims who are not allowed to use condoms.”

We Are Church will continue to gather signatures for its petition, “for the full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council” which it regards as much more liberal than the policies of the present Pope. The petition will be presented on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict (April 19, 2009).

   British Church Newspaper

   27 March 2009

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