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Friday, August 18, 2017

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Viewed 6,200+ times | Saturday, May 02, 2009

50,000 grassroots RCs demand urgent papal reforms
The liberal, international, Roman Catholic Movement We are Church has chosen the 4th anniversary of the election of Pope Benedict (April 19, 2005) to launch another broadside at him.

We Are Church remonstrates: “The Pope’s problematic attempt to seek reconciliation with the [extreme right] Lefebvrists early this year was a rebuttal to the teachings and the spirit of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). This [liberalising] Council brought among others a new approach to collegiality, ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue, especially with the Jews, religious freedom, freedom of conscience, also within the Church, and a positive regard for the world, together with a liturgy [in the language of the people] in which all can participate.

‘Church has lost credibility’

“Although presented as an act aiming at reunifying Catholics, Benedict’s autonomous decision [to lift the excommunication of the Lefebvrists] in reality was a severe disservice to the Catholic Church,” adding, “In times of severe social, economic, and ecologic problems We are Church deeply regrets that the Roman Catholic Church, a Church with one of the largest memberships in the world, has lost much of its credibility because of the actual crisis within the Church.

Crisis of leadership

“This crisis is a crisis of leadership - Pope Benedict’s leadership and that of the Roman Curia. The Pope has insisted on a style of governance of the Church that owes nothing to transparency, accountability and even basic competence.”

“By maintaining the rule of compulsory celibacy and forbidding women’s ordination the Pope denies the canonical right of the faithful to have the Sunday Eucharist guaranteed (can. 213 CIC Codex Iuris Canonici) in active communities. All these facts and the extension of the pre-conciliar Tridentine Rite [the Latin Mass] and the changed [toned down] prayer for the conversion of Jews on Good Friday, are only a few of many indications that Pope Ratzinger has embarked in the direction of a counter-reform against Vatican II.”

50,000 sign petition

“The enormous response to the international petition [50,000 signatures] to be presented at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ‘For the full recognition of the decrees of the Second Vatican Council’ supported by the International Movement We are Church is proof of the concrete desire of numerous theologians, priests, members of congregations, pastoral workers, and many, many of the faithful throughout the world for a renewal of our Church in line with the Second Vatican Council.”

   British Church Newspaper

   2 May 2009

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