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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Rome In The News
The following archive represents our ongoing, daily efforts to monitor Rome's activities in the news across the world. Please note that these are "raw news" articles and do not in any way reflect the opinions of the EIPS.
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Hong Kong Bible Display Shows Christian Legacy 
British Church Newspaper � October 2007 � Viewed 3,000+ times
Churches and Christian organisations in Hong Kong are sponsoring an exhibition on the Bible and missionary work to commemorate the presence of Christianity in the Chinese city...

EU tells UK: ‘Ban creationism – it’s a threat to human rights’ 
British Church Newspaper � October 2007 � Viewed 2,500+ times
The Council of Europe urged its 47 member governments last week to ‘firmly oppose’ the teaching of creationism as a scientific discipline. Its Parliamentary Assembly voted 48 to...

New Version States Evolution Is True 
British Church Newspaper � 16 March 2007 � Viewed 4,500+ times
A New York teacher from the Bronx, Ruth Rimm, has launched a campaign against fundamentalism by publishing a new version of the Bible which informs readers that evolution has been...

Growing Gap Between The Rich And The Poor In EU 
British Church Newspaper � 16 March 2007 � Viewed 3,700+ times
European churches and Christian charities have complained of the EU’s failure to combat poverty and social exclusion. The letter was lodged with the German President of the EU...

Ecumenists call for religious and political unity in EU 
British Church Newspaper � 2 March 2007 � Viewed 4,000+ times
The Roman Catholic 'Council of European Bishops' Conferences' and the non Roman Catholic 'Conference of European Churches' have sent out a joint letter from Wittenberg to all the...

Leaked report: Anglicans and RCs seek to quash rumours 
British Church Newspaper � 2 March 2007 � Viewed 3,800+ times
A report by Ruth Gledhill in The Times (19 February) that senior Bishops of both churches had agreed a re union plan were met with swift denials by both churches last...

Dutch ecumenism in ‘crisis’ says pastor who resigned from WCC 
British Church Newspaper � 16 February 2007 � Viewed 4,000+ times
The Rev. Wies Houweling of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands has resigned from the main governing body of the World Council of Churches (WCC), saying the spirit of...

Council admits it was wrong to stop street evangelist handing out tracts 
British Church Newspaper � 16 February 2007 � Viewed 3,100+ times
Carlisle Council has been forced to apologise for getting the law wrong after it tried to stop a street evangelist handing out gospel tracts. An official from Carlisle Council...

Abortions reach all time peak 
British Church Newspaper � 16 February 2007 � Viewed 3,200+ times
The Marie Stopes chain of abortion clinics they have nine altogether reported the highest number of monthly abortions ever in the month of January 5,992. The figures...

‘Churches are important partners in EU integration’ says German Foreign Minister 
British Church Newspaper � 2 February 2007 � Viewed 3,000+ times
German foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier has praised the ecumenical churches for fostering European unity and common values. Churches have a specific role in the...

China conditionally welcomes Vatican 
British Church Newspaper � 2 February 2007 � Viewed 3,100+ times
The Vatican’s announcement that the Roman Catholic Church is to step up its efforts for diplomatic ties with China, highlights the delicate nature of their relationship. The...

‘Evolution Sunday’ project gains ground in US 
British Church Newspaper � 19 January 2007 � Viewed 3,200+ times
‘Evolution Sunday’ a project begun last year to try to involve as many churches as pos¬sible in the United States celebrating the theory of evolution is slowly gaining...

Fifty-One Homosexual Clergy In Civil Partnerships Threaten Further Rift In Church Of England 
British Church Newspaper � 19 January 2007 � Viewed 3,400+ times
The Church of England Synod faces a further clash on the issue of its attitudes to homosexuals after the revelations by The Times that 'at least 51' homosexual and lesbian...

Over 3,000 Christians Rally Outside Parliament 
British Church Newspaper � 19 January 2007 � Viewed 3,100+ times
The police estimated that over 3,000 Christians attended the peaceful torch-lit rally outside Parliament on the 11th January, reports Mrs Minichiello Williams of the Lawyers...

Polish Church In Crisis As Archbishop Quits 
British Church Newspaper � 19 January 2007 � Viewed 3,000+ times
A top Polish archbishop has resigned just minutes before his installation mass and two days after formally taking office due to accusations that he acted as an informer for...

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