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Friday, August 18, 2017
Rome In The News
The following archive represents our ongoing, daily efforts to monitor Rome's activities in the news across the world. Please note that these are "raw news" articles and do not in any way reflect the opinions of the EIPS.
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ABC joins in Lourdes Jubilee 
British Church Newspaper � 10 October 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
The Archbishop of Canterbury, seven Anglican bishops and some 60 Anglican priests joined in a concelebrated Anglican Eucharist in the Upper Basilica of the main church in Lourdes...

Give religion a place in society, Pope tells secular France 
British Church Newspaper � 26 September 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
Pope Benedict XVI has appealed to avowedly secular France to rethink its traditional policy of seeing issues of religion as essentially a private matter. Speaking in Paris on 12...

BBC ‘big bang day’ criticised 
British Church Newspaper � 26 September 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
The BBC has been accused of over-the-top reporting and secular bias in its coverage of the Collider experiment in Geneva, reports the Christian Institute. Radio 4 designated...

The Lambeth Conference an ‘expensive exercise in futility’ 
British Church Newspaper � 15 August 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
As the Lambeth Confernce ended (with a £1million deficit), the 670 or so bishops heard the Archbishop of Canterbury, in his final presidential address, set out his 5-point plan to...

Christian and Muslim leaders agree to praise one another’s religion once yearly 
British Church Newspaper � 15 August 2008 � Viewed 2,700+ times
About 150 Christian and Muslim representatives meeting at Yale University have issued a call for clerics and leaders of their respective ‘traditions’ to speak out publicly once a...

Division and despair at Lambeth Conference 
British Church Newspaper � 1 August 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
The Lambeth Conference (16 July to 3 August) has provided few headlines for the hundreds of journalists who gathered for the event. This is partly because the conference was at...

Anglican Bishop defects to Rome 
British Church Newspaper � 1 August 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
A Church of England bishop has said he wants to go over to Rome because of his opposition to women bishops (BCN July 18). Bishop Andrew Burnham of Ebbsfleet, a Church of England...

UN moves nearer to adopting Islamic-inspired ‘Defamation of Religion’ resolution 
British Church Newspaper � by a corresponden � Viewed 3,000+ times
The United Nations has moved a step nearer to adopting a resolution known as the ‘Combating Defamation of Religion Resolution’. It has been sponsored by The...

Pope’s apology to abuse victims overshadows Australia visit 
British Church Newspaper � 1 August 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
Pope Benedict XVI’s private Mass for four anonymous victims of sexual abuse by Australian priests, after leading 400,000 World Youth Day pilgrims, was the climax of his visit to...

Women bishops vote: first departure (to Rome) looms 
British Church Newspaper � 18 July 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Rt Revd Andrew Burnham, is the first bishop to publicly announce his possible departure from the Church of England in the wake of the General Synod vote...

C of E opts for women bishops 
British Church Newspaper � 18 July 2008 � Viewed 2,200+ times
The Church of England’s governing body, the General Synod, meeting in York, has voted by more than two to one to bring forward legislation to allow the consecration of women as...

Longer road to sainthood for John Paul II? 
British Church Newspaper � 4 July 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
Pope Benedict XVI has urged Vatican officials to examine every claim for sainthood ‘slowly and meticulously’. His instructions to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of...

RC reform movement renews its onslaught on the Pope and the Inquisition 
British Church Newspaper � 4 July 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
In a strongly worded document, the international, Roman Catholic movement, We Are Church attacks the latest Decree of the Holy Office [the Inquisition] on women's...

A thousand Anglican leaders opposed to gays meet in Jerusalem 
British Church Newspaper � 4 July 2008 � Viewed 2,200+ times
More than 1,000 leaders of the Anglican Communion, including about 280 bishops, who oppose the ordination of homosexuals, have attended a summit in Jerusalem. Many of the church...

Bishop of London to look into ‘gay blessing’ service 
British Church Newspaper � 4 July 2008 � Viewed 2,200+ times
An investigation has been launched by the bishop of London into a ceremony in which two gay Anglican clerics in a civil partnership exchanged rings and vows and used a version of...

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