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Friday, August 18, 2017
Rome In The News
The following archive represents our ongoing, daily efforts to monitor Rome's activities in the news across the world. Please note that these are "raw news" articles and do not in any way reflect the opinions of the EIPS.
  � Page 4 �  Found: Last 300 raw news items

US bishop enters into civil union 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
V. Gene Robinson, 61, the openly homosexual US Episcopal (Anglican) bishop whose 2003 consecration has split the Anglican Communion, entered into a civil union with his male...

German church leader says Pope has not produced ‘miracles’ 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
The election of a German pope three years ago has produced “no miracles” for Christianity in his homeland and not promoted a surge of interest in the church, according to the head...

Rome excommunicates women priests 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
The Vatican announced this month that any Roman Catholic bishop who attempts the ordination of a woman to the priesthood, and any woman who participates in such a ceremony, is...

New Vatican representative to Council of Europe greeted with “joy” 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
Monsignor Aldo Giordano has been appointed Vatican representative to the Council of Europe. Mgr Giordano is General Secretary of the Council of European [RC] Bishops’ Conferences...

COMECE-seminar: “Visibility of religion in the European public space” 
British Church Newspaper � by our correspondent in Brussels � Viewed 2,300+ times
Chairman. Vincent Legrand COMECE Secretariat, Brussels, dealing with International Relations, Interreligious Dialog (Islam). Speakers: (Sponsor of meeting) Mr Laszlo Surján...

Australian Dean won’t welcome the Pope at World Youth Day 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
Calling himself a “Sydney Protestant”, the Anglican Dean of Sydney, Australia, the Rev. Phillip Jensen, brother of Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen, wrote that it was an honour for...

Pope honours President Bush 
British Church Newspaper � June 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
Pope Benedict XVI received President George W. Bush, not at the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, but in the Vatican Gardens’ Tower of St John, a rare move interpreted by some media as...

Nationwide hunt for next faith leaders has Abp Williams’ backing 
British Church Newspaper � May 2008 � Viewed 2,200+ times
Britain’s next generation of faith leaders are to be talent-spotted and offered free places on a specially designed £11,000 per head leadership course, which claims the backing of...

Rome welcomes New Director for Anglican Centre 
British Church Newspaper � May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
In the splendour of the Church of Santa Maria Sopa Minerva, Rome, the Very Revd David Richardson, former Dean of Melbourne, (Australia) was installed and blessed as the new...

Public row over Polish clergy’s demands for money 
British Church Newspaper � May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
A senior Polish priest has warned the Roman Catholic clergy against “selling sacraments” or denying them to people who fail to pay enough, after growing media criticism of the...

Ireland’s ecumenists rejoice’ in EU 
British Church Newspaper � May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
The [Anglican] Church of Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Methodist Church in Ireland have issued a joint statement on the Lisbon Treaty. They say, “The...

The Price of women bishops 
British Church Newspaper � 23 May 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
Women priests in the Church of England say they would rather never be bishops at all than have to accept special arrangements for opponents of women’s ordination. More than 700...

Rome comes to Archbishop of Canterbury’s help 
British Church Newspaper � 23 May 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
In an apparent sign of the Vatican’s support for Williams, amid the “battle for Anglican unity,” a key Roman hand will appear at the Lambeth Anglican Bishops Conference in...

Church attendance ‘falling dramatically’ 
British Church Newspaper � 23 May 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
Church attendance in Britain is declining so quickly that the number of regular churchgoers will be fewer than those attending mosques by 2050, according to the latest research...

People can find happiness apart from Christ claims EA 
British Church Newspaper � 23 May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
MPs’ report ‘provides exciting vision of hope’ A proposal by Christian MPs to dramatically change the values that underpin policy decisions could radically transform...

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