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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Rome In The News
The following archive represents our ongoing, daily efforts to monitor Rome's activities in the news across the world. Please note that these are "raw news" articles and do not in any way reflect the opinions of the EIPS.
  � Page 5 �  Found: Last 300 raw news items

Westminster MPs urged not to legalise abortion in Ulster 
British Church Newspaper � by our Belfast correspondent � Viewed 2,400+ times
In an unprecedented move the leaders of Northern Ireland’s four largest political parties, Dr Ian Paisley (DUP), Reg Empey (UUP), Gerry Adams (Sinn Fein) and Mark Durkan (SDLP),...

Let battle commence: Proposals for women bishops will rock the Church of England 
British Church Newspaper � 9 May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
The Bishop of Manchester’s Group has removed the pin from its report on the consecration of women as bishops and tossed it into the Church of England. (And let not the...

Padre Pio becomes the saviour of San Giovanni Rotondo Hotels 
British Church Newspaper � Dr Clive Gillis � Viewed 2,600+ times
The exhibition on 24th April of the exhumed corpse of Padre Pio, the elderly, miracle working, stigmatic, capuchin monk ,who died in 1968 and was sainted by John Paul II in 2002...

German Roman Catholic Church employed forced labourers during war 
British Church Newspaper � 9 May 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
The Roman Catholic Church in Germany employed nearly 6,000 foreign forced labourers under the Nazis during the Second World War, according to a book, “Zwangsarbeit und...

Strasbourg abortion resolution alerts EU states 
British Church Newspaper � 9 May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
Pro-Life parliamentarians and the Christian Charity CARE have expressed great concern at the passing of the Resolution ‘Legal Abortion in Europe’ by the Parliamentary Assembly of...

After prayer furore, Vatican says it respects Jews 
British Church Newspaper � 9 May 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
As Pope Benedict XVI was preparing for his visit to the United States, the Vatican said it respected and esteemed Judaism, despite tension over a Good Friday prayer revived by the...

Chinese factory to supply one in four Bibles 
British Church Newspaper � 9 May 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
The Guardian reports that a new printing press is due to open this month in China which will make it one of the biggest Bible producing countries in the world. According to the...

WCC calls for uncontrolled immigration 
British Church Newspaper � 25 April 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
“Migration is a fact of life. It is as much an instinct to survive as it is an inevitable consequence of globalization. We can neither turn our backs on it, nor control it,”...

Top ecumenists cooperate with EU Commission 
British Church Newspaper � 25 April 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
EU integration and the Lisbon Treaty were discussed by the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) meeting in the Czech Republic 10-13...

Polish priests told to stop ‘treating church as a firm’ 
British Church Newspaper � 25 April 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
Poland’s Roman Catholic bishops have urged their country’s clergy to see the priesthood as a service, rather than a career offering good pay and prospects. “Among many lay...

USA: Pope apologises for serial abuse by priests; then meets victims and offers them ‘hope and encouragement’ 
British Church Newspaper � by a correspondent � Viewed 2,200+ times
In his much publicised visit to the United States last week, the Pope, in what was clearly a ‘damage limitation’ exercise, apologised publicly for the Roman Catholic Church’s...

President Bush flatters Pope 
British Church Newspaper � 25 April 2008 � Viewed 2,400+ times
“For those of you on the South Lawn — who saw the South Lawn ceremony live, it was — what an unbelievable — it was just such a special moment,” President Bush told the National...

Norwegians insist their King must be a Protestant 
British Church Newspaper � 25 April 2008 � Viewed 2,300+ times
All seven parties in Norway’s parliament, the Storting, have agreed to loosen the ties that link the State with the Church of Norway (Lutheran), an agreement seen by some as a...

Polish church faces accusations of child sex abuse cover-up 
British Church Newspaper � 11 April 2008 � Viewed 2,600+ times
The head of the Roman Catholic Dominican order in Poland has publicly rebuked one of his country's archbishops after he criticised a member of the order for helping expose...

Vatican distances itself from criticisms of Islam by convert baptised by Pope 
British Church Newspaper � 11 April 2008 � Viewed 2,500+ times
Egyptian-born Muslim, Magdi Allam, a columnist and deputy editor of the Milan-based Corriere della Sera newspaper, was baptised publicly at Easter by Pope Benedict XVI. He...

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