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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Think On These Things
A series of colourful and interesting tracts designed for weekly door-to-door use explaining the simple way of salvation. Slip these under the door every week. Please contact us to send you these tracts free of charge. There is a small space at the bottom of each tract to put information about your local church.

Week One
GLENARM - Glen of the Army

From heaven on high our God now sends
His loving message to the glens;
they never come to grief or harm,
Who are upheld by His strong arm.
Week Two
GLENCOY - Glen of the Hedges

This message bringeth lasting joy
For nothing can the soul destroy
That simply rests on Him alone,
Who puts a hedge around His own.
Week Three
GLENARIFFE - The Fertile Glen

Men plough the ground and seed they sow
But God's the One who makes things grow;
We sure can see the Lord's good hand
While gazing on the fertile land.
Week Four
GLENBALLYEAMON - Edwardstown Glen

The Lord Himself in grace came down
To be the babe in David's town;
The promised seed: the incarnate Word
A Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
Week Five
GLENAAN - Glen of the Colt's foot

When He in lowly grace did ride
Upon a colt, the people cried
"Hosanna" to the King of kings
Who mercy and salvation brings.
Week Six
GLENCORP - Glen of the Slaughtered

But to the slaughter He was led,
For guilty sinners Jesus bled;
The spotless Lamb in silence stood,
To cleanse us in His precious blood.
Week Seven
GLENDUN - Glen of the Brown River

Because the Saviour died and rose
The river of forgiveness flows;
And all who trust His precious blood
Are safe within the fold of God.
Week Eight
GLENSHESK - The Sedgy Glen

As sure as plants and sedges grow
God promises He will bestow
Eternal life to everyone
Who turns from sin and trusts His Son.
Week Nine
GLENTAISIE - Glen of the Bright Sides

Beware! lest you be like the thief
Who mocked the Lord and died in grief;
"Remember me" the other cried
And now he's on the brighter side.

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