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Monday, September 25, 2017
Contemporary Issues

This up-to-date section will serve as a type of a watchman who warns loudly of those 'goats' in sheep's clothing. Much of the content here will consist of the ecumenical movement, the Billy Graham movement, Promise Keepers, and more.

Feature Article

As Pope sets out for USA: R.C. reform movement bitterly criticises the Pope
by British Church Newspaper, 5/2/2008
In an astonishing outburst, an International Roman Catholic movement has issued a series of direct, public warnings to Pope Benedict before his journey to the United States. We summarise them largely in their own words. We are Church is a world-wide reform movement within the Roman-Catholic Church. It tells Benedict that in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on April 18 “the Pope should do better than he did in Auschwitz (about Jews, May 2006), in Regensburg (about Islam, September 2006) and in Brazil (about indigenous people, May 2007)”.

Other Articles

The end of 1,000 years of history: Treaty will allow EU to wrest all powers from Parliament
by British Church Newspaper, 1/8/2008
Potentially the most damaging provision in the new EU Reform Treaty, signed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary David Miliband last week in Lisbon, is the new power handed to the European Union to assume unlimited further powers without the consent of national Parliaments.
Dr Paisley blocks EU Gender Directive
by British Church Newspaper, 1/8/2008
The Caleb Foundation has welcomed news that the First Minister of Northern Ireland, the Rt Hon Dr Ian Paisley MP, MLA, has blocked the implementation of EU legislation to include homosexual, lesbian and transgender people.
Anglicans and RCs unite against Religious Hatred Bill
by British Church Newspaper, 12/14/2007
The Church of England and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have jointly commented on the Government’s proposal to amend the Public Order Act to create a new offence of incitement to hatred on grounds of sexual orientation. They believe that the present laws are adequate for the protection of, “people vulnerable to attack on grounds of their sexuality or gender identity”.
Brawling as Vatican beatifies 500 Spanish ‘martyrs’ -- Bitter memories of the Civil War
by British Church Newspaper, 11/12/2007
Priests ‘Swamped’ By Roman Catholic Immigrants
by British Church Newspaper, 3/12/2007
EU Regionalisation plans for England develop as Council respond to White Paper
by British Church Newspaper, 2/22/2007
US ecumenical study shows why some congregations grow
by British Church Newspaper, 2/6/2007
Baroness Paisley’s maiden speech in the House of Lords
by British Church Newspaper, 1/24/2007
What’s So Wrong With The Eastern Orthodox Church?
by David M Young MA, Director Albanian Evangelical Mission, 1/11/2007
‘We Are Church’ battles on despite papal snubs
by British Church Newspaper, 12/20/2006
The View From Brussels
by British Church Newspaper, 12/4/2006
Young People Today: The Counterfeit and Their Destiny
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 11/1/2006
European Court backs jailing of German Christians who homeschool
by British Church Newspaper, 10/18/2006
Pope Benedict ‘deeply sorry’ about reactions to speech
by British Church Newspaper, 10/4/2006
Pope Faces Hostile Demonstrations
by British Church Newspaper, 9/23/2006
Romanizing America Through Illegal Immigration
by Pastor Ralph Ovadal, 6/22/2006
“The needs for reform are still the same,” complains Roman Catholic pressure group ‘We Are Church’
by British Church Newspaper, 5/8/2006
Anti-Christian Film ‘The Beast’ To Be Released On 06-06-06
by British Church Newspaper, 5/3/2006
The Terrible Lot Of Christians In North Korea
by British Church Newspaper, 4/15/2006
Christian lawyers highlight dangers of ‘The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill’
by British Church Newspaper, 3/23/2006
Sixty People In 900-Seat Opera House As Jerry Springer ‘Bombs’ In York
by British Church Newspaper, 3/10/2006
Part 1: Making a Money Mountain out of an Ant Hole: Mary Magdalene Hysteria
by Dr Clive Gillis, 3/10/2006
‘Times Are A Changing Madam,’ Said The Police Officer
by British Church Newspaper, 2/21/2006
Opus Dei Versus The Da Vinci Code – Opus The Winner?
by British Church Newspaper, 1/14/2006
The Revolution without Blood-Shedding: The Glorious Revolution
by Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley, 12/13/2005
‘Not all of the Bible is true’ allege the British Cardinals
by British Church Newspaper, 10/18/2005
Lifting the dark veil
by Dr Clive Gillis, 10/10/2005
“Confronting Moral Corruption”
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 9/22/2005
Can We Trust The Bible?
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 9/6/2005
Religious Salesmen
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 6/18/2005
Anglican Leaders Converted To The Worship Of Mary – Official
by British Church Newspaper, 5/31/2005
True Protestants Will Not Be Fooled By The Double-Speak Of The Hail Mary Brigade Of Anglican Ecumenists
by Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley, 5/25/2005
A New Edition Of The Authorised Version: The New Cambridge Paragraph Bible
by Rev E J Malcolm, 5/20/2005
World Anglican Leaders Send North Americans Into The Cold
by British Church Newspaper, 4/23/2005
Young people today: The world is not a happy place
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 5/21/2004
Young people today: Does the end justify the means?
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 3/10/2004
Young people today: The Importance Of Youth
by Rev Kyle Paisley, 2/13/2004
Jesus Christ Superstar comes to Cork
by Colin Maxwell, 5/8/2003
The Harlotry Of Rome
by Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, 4/6/2001
The Pope’s Black Print
by Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, 2/14/2001
The Popes at War and the Fall of the Papal States
by Dr. Clive Gillis, 10/21/2000
The deepening apostasy of the Church of Ireland
by Professor Arthur Noble, 7/25/2000
Dr. Paisley's speech to Independent Orangemen on 12th July
by Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, 7/13/2000
by Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, 5/26/2000
Protest Letter handed to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Toronto
by Free Presbyterian Church, 5/24/2000
Confession-Box in Jerusalem?
by Professor Arthur Noble, 3/25/2000
Apology or Inquisition?
by Professor Arthur Noble, 3/24/2000
Rome using Scottish Parliament to attack U.K.'s Protestant Constitution
by Professor Arthur Noble, 1/10/2000
The Significance of the Lutheran World Federation's Treason in its wider Historical Context
by Professor Arthur Noble, 11/18/1999
150 German Academics re-launch the Reformation
by Professor Arthur Noble, 11/5/1999
Treachery, Travesty, Tragedy: The Unholy Trinity of the Lutheran World Federation
by Professor Arthur Noble, 11/3/1999
Popery, NATO and the Yugoslav War: Our analysis vindicated!
by Professor Arthur Noble, 11/1/1999
Triumph for Romanism, Tragedy for the Reformation
by Professor Arthur Noble, 10/28/1999
Archbishop buries the Resurrection
by Professor Arthur Noble, 8/11/1999
Pope Pius XII opposed Jewish Homeland in Palestine
by Washington Post, 7/16/1999
Ethnic cleansing must be condemned
by 'Eurobuster', 5/14/1999
A Day of Ignominy, when Decency died
by 'Eurobuster', 4/13/1999
Billy Graham -- Ally of Rome
by Dr. Ian Paisley, 1/30/1999
The Treatment of Protestants in the Irish Republic
by Dr. Ian Paisley, 1/12/1999
Pope beatifies a Mass Murderer – after canonising another
by Professor Arthur Noble, 1/8/1999
Romanism's Concept of Religious Freedom
by Professor Arthur Noble, 12/19/1998
Belfast Churches join the Rome Express
by Dr. Ian Paisley, 12/10/1998
The Alpha Course: Is It Bible-Based Or Hell-Inspired? (Part 3 of 3)
by Rev. Paul Fitton, 4/8/1998
The Alpha Course: Is It Bible-Based Or Hell-Inspired? (Part 2 of 3)
by Rev. Paul Fitton, 4/7/1998
The Alpha Course: Is It Bible-Based Or Hell-Inspired? (Part 1 of 3)
by Rev. Paul Fitton, 4/6/1998
Pilgrims' Folly
by Peter Gadsden of the United Protestant Council, 2/3/1998

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